Coming Fall of 2017, our classified section will be an open market for our community. Ads will be 1$ per post, and we will be allowing everything from PG13 personals to meet new friends or items for sale, and rooms to rent. If you are an artist, designer, or just want to sell those old clothes that don’t represent who you are, consider posting here on TMPlanet, and reach one or more of our 250,000 followers, readers and others just like you; a friend of TMP.
Other listings and categories will be added as you request it to be.

For potential advertisers, please see our contact page for more details, or email at Regardless, all purchased ad spaces throughout our online magazine, will find additional exposure included here in our classifieds section. An additional way for our Friends of TMP businesses to reach more of our followers, and support trans entrepreneurs.

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  1. Proud of you booboo! Your mag is legit. Thanks for all your hard work you do for our community. Your passion has created a beautiful place for trans people to come together and have a voice in this hateful world. God will bless you for it.

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