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Below are some steps you can take if you have been a victim of a hate crime OR an Ally that is witness to anti-trans/lgbt hate crimes
◾Get medical help, if necessary.
◾Write down any and all of the details of the crime as soon as possible after the incident. Include the perpetrator[s] gender, age, height, race, weight, clothes and other distinguishing characteristics. If any threats or biased comments were made (such as anti-trans epithets), include them in the report.
◾File reports. ◾File a police report ◾Get the responding officer’s name and badge number
◾Make sure the officer files an incident report form and assigns a case number. If a police report is not taken at the time of your report, go to the police station and ask for one. Always get your own copy, even of the preliminary report.
◾If you believe the incident was bias-motivated, urge the officer to check the “hate/bias-motivation” or “hate crime/incident” box on the police report.

◾Notify your local LGBTQ community organization about the incident

◾Find support. ◾Friends and family
◾Get professional help – from a LGBTQ affirmative therapist
◾Find resources from the FBI
◾Contact anti-violence support service – such as the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs

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