Welcome to the TheTMPlanet Magazine, Previously the TransMusePlanet.blogspot.com. This is the platform where ALL are welcome. Here is where we inspire unity, visibility, and intersectionality. No trans left behind is the key to understanding what service we aspire to be for our community. Our numbers of followers, and growing contributors shows the need for a platform that is universal for all who stand together under this umbrella. We understand the need for the un-heard voices of trans men of color, non-binary, trans amorous partners, parents of trans youth, our elderly, and those of us that are struggling just to survive. TMP wants your voice to be heard, it is why this platform was created. More importantly we hope to inspire all who share in the common denominator of fulfilling your life’s dream, and to live your authentic truth to unite.

Our new motto: Unity + Visibility = Freedom

TMPlanet Magazine was started in July 2017, and is part of TMP Media Group, which will be revealing in 2018, inspiring stories through publishing, and our exclusive series streamed from our You Tube Channel. Don’t fear, no need to go anywhere else,  you will be able to see everything TMP does right here on your TMP Planet.

To inquire about having your story published with TMP Publishing, or to be a part of our first new talk show ‘The T’, email us @ transmuseplanet@gmail.com

If interested in contributing, and being a writer with TMPlanet, here are some exciting facts you may like to know:

  • Our fan base through this site, and our social media pages reaches over 300,000
  • Our fan base is not a one size fits all. Every demographic of the Trans community is reached.
  • We are scheduling our first print issue January 2018, and your voice can be among those voices printed.
  • There is compensation for your writing here
    • Any post of 2000 views+ 25.00
    • Any post of 3000 views+ 50.00
    • Any post of 4000 views+ 75.00
    • Free Ad space for any Team member contributor that would like to advertise their business, non-profit, or project during their time as a contributing writer with TMPlanet.

Not comfortable writing? Didn’t we tell you there’s a place for everyone at TMPlanet? Be an I Reporter. Like our social media pages with dozens of administrators from around the world, who volunteer to keep all of us up to date, we are looking for I reporters from right where you are. Whether you are in Asia, Africa, Brazil ( We translate well) or down the street in Savannah GA, I reporters helps our community stay informed, often with news mainstream media never picks up.

I reporter requirements and benefits:

  • Email news from your regional area that’s affecting the transgender community. Three latest news stories per month required to maintain I reporter status.
  • Be listed in our Team TMP, along with well known writers, contributors, with links to your project or profile.
  • 10% discount off anything sold on TMPlanet for the longevity of  your I reporter status. Additional discounts with participating advertisers.


Our next goal is a printed magazine, done quarterly. Yet, there will always be fresh web content online. We consider all forms of submissions that fit into our description of promoting unity and diversity.

For more information about being a contributor or I reporter, subscribe and contact us.

For advertising, contact us and view our advertising details.