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Sabrina Samone 

Sabrina Anna Samone, is the creator and CEO. of  TMP Media Group, which works in the fields of publishing, film and social networking.  She is the Editor in Chief, @ The Trans Muse Planet Magazine, better known as The TMPlanet.  She began blogging in 2012, after her work with the South Carolina Democratic Party, during the Barack Obama campaign. Initially writings were political, but quickly became more focused on transgender culture after seeing the need for more visibility of trans women of color. She has written for the Spartanburg Herald Journal, Florence Morning News, and the Hartsville Messenger.  Her work centers around developing, promoting intersectionality, and unity within trans society. 

                                       Mj Fleck

Micah J. Fleck is a senior writer, and editor @ TMPlanet. He’s an education researcher and anthropologist concerned with the social implications of scientific discovery and inquiry. A veteran political commentator and former libertarian, Mr. Fleck now sets his sights on a science-based approach to postmodern social issues that aims to transcend typical partisan politics and ground new policy proposals in unshakable empiricism. He received his degree in anthropology from Columbia University and plans on studying neuroscience in graduate school. He has worked as the Associate Editor of the Libertarian Republic.  Be a Patreon

Lynnea  Stuart

Lynnea Stuart is a senior writer @ TMPlanet.  She was first published in 1990 in Shabbat Shalom, Review & Herald Publishers. In 2000 she wrote the San Francisco Scene column in TV Epic covering transgender community events while engaging in trans-activism in California. She speaks on trans issues from time to time, most particularly on transgender history, philosophy, and religion. She is based today in Orange County. She is also the editor of Transpire.


Levi van Wyk, is a writer @ TMPlanet and multimedia designer specializing in film, and animation. He is the CEO of QuantifyStudios based originally in Johannesburg South Africa, after studying multimedia art at the University of Johannesburg. Levi advocates for Asexual, Trans-masculine awareness and victims of sexual abuse; experiences that have shaped his identity. A champion of diversity among the diverse, Trans cultures of South Africa, and outspoken against the high hate crime rates of African LGBTQIA community. Now in his first year on T, you can read about his transition and commentary on Trans advocacy and South African trans culture, as well as follow his creations in Art. Quantify Studio’s Art.

C. Blair


Crystal Blair is a writer @TMPlanet, an activist, and an author/poet under the pen name C. Blair. In her short time as an activist she has ran multiple seminars on how to improve the treatment of LGBT+ students, how to make school curriculums more inclusive, and on the history of the LGBT+ community. She hopes to one day become WWE’s first ever transgender pro-wrestler. For more information on Voiceless, by C. Blair and to purchase, please visit





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